/​/​TURN​/​/ (EP)

by fuzzheads

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Pieces of Eight
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Pieces of Eight Even though the production isn't exactly top-notch, you can tell that a LOT of Love went into this album. <3 Looking forward to more from these guys. Favorite track: New Haircut (spring).
Dannel Jurado
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Dannel Jurado Blink 182 meets a thoughtful NES Favorite track: New Haircut (spring).
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The debut EP of fuzzheads, a project started in 2011. It's just some ambivalent but optimistic sounding pop punk with NES and Gameboy to tug at your heartstrings.


released September 9, 2012

Guitar - Thomas Wilson and Rebecca Kruger
Bass - Ryan Leopold
Drums - Thomas Wilson
Trumpet - Jonathan Ward

Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Bell

Album Artwork by Rin Aiello

Thanks to the countless others who helped us not only make this album but helped us become a band in the first place.



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fuzzheads Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: New Haircut (spring)
I'll try to remember all the yesterdays so I can figure out who I'm gonna be today
I'll try to forget all the yesterdays so I can focus on who I'm s'posed to be today
I'm gonna stop lookin' up to other people, I'm gonna start lookin' up to the sky.

Winter was cold and I felt colder
I know sumer will rain and I'l rain harder
but right now the sun is shining so damn brightly
and I couldn't feel any better
I'm pretty sure I hate symbolism
and I'm pretty sure I hate a lot of things
but right now I'm just stopping for the flowers
right now I don't even know the meaning of anything

I hate growing up, but who the hell doesn't
the weather seems to be the only thing that stays pleasant
I wanna be a bird so so bad
but that might be the most useless thought I've ever had

I'm gonna use what I know
I'm gonna do what I do
I'm gonna be what I be
and I'll see where it goes
and maybe I won't like it
but at least I'll have tried
I'm a newborn baby
and I'm trying to learn how to fly
and there's always next year
I can try again
when I'm somebody different
when I have a new pen.

I'm just listenin' to the birds
I'm not listenin' to anybody else
I'm just listenin' to the birds
(I'm trying to forget everything I know
I'm gonna start from scratch I wanna get up and go
I don't wanna feel bad ever ever again)
I'm happy where I'm at right now I'm happy where I'm at.
Track Name: I'll Never Be a Human Genius (fall)
Our feet ache, our souls are worn and we're surprised how far we've all walked
Fall's here the trees are molting, can't count the seasons by the leaves
It's the same every year.

All I do is try to talk
over the sound of my ignorance
and try to cover up he fact
that I'm clueless

For every cent that I have spent
to learn a job to pay the rent
I've bought a couple million facts
but I'm clueless

I've spent so much time
learning figures
I barely learned to walk

But I'm only human
and this world's boundless
I think I'll take things slow

So stake your claim
and have no fear at all

So don't be afraid of
any signs of change cause
the leaves fall whether or not
you're there to see

Winter winds will blow but
I know it's still fall
and I still have time to be
Track Name: Non-Fair Conditions (winter)
I know it's easier said than done
but I can't even say it, it's too much

So I'll keep talking to myself
and I'll keep ignoring, change the subject

And I would give my legs
to never have to stand
but nothing ever goes away

I could have sworn it would be easy
Now barely anything can ease me

Snow fall's at a high now
Do I have to wake up
Can I call a snow day
and never have to shape up

It's hard to see and to believe I'm okay now
December sucked, ran out of luck, made it out somehow
When March is here we'll scream and cheer, we'll be young and loud
But I'm still cold, this month is boned, can I just shut down.